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Welcome to Bottle Rock Power

Bottle Rock Power Plant is a geothermal power plant located 90 miles north of San Francisco in the Geysers geothermal resource area, the largest producing geothermal region in the world.

The plant was commissioned in 1985 by the CA Department of Water Resources. The turbine is Dry Steam driven from wells nearby the plant. The nameplate rating of the unit is 55 Megawatts with a 230kV interconnection with the utility. The steam turbine was repowered in 2008 to meet steam pressure and flow from the wells. The steam turbine is configured to operate at 35 Megawatts at 65 psia and 700,000 lbs/hr of flow.

Bottle Rock is currently not in operation. Selected equipment detailed on the About Bottle Rock Power page is available for acquisition.

Descriptions are not comprehensive and interested parties are encouraged to contact Bottle Rock Power at (541) 410-1795 or info@bottlerockpower.com.